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One Day Private Mount Merapi Trekking Tour via Selo Boyolali

One Day Private Mount Merapi Trekking Tour via Selo Boyolali

Hiking to Mount Merapi Summit


Mount Merapi

Mount Merapi (Gunung Merapi, 2911m) is a volcano in Central Java, looming over the cities of Yogyakarta and Solo (Surakarta). Mount Merapi is the most active volcano in all Indonesia — no mean feat — and it has erupted at least 68 times since 1548. 

Anyone thinking of climbing the mountain must first check if it is safe to do so. While climbing the mountain with a qualified guide is recommended it is not necessary or mandatory, as the track to the summit is wide and clearly marked. But this is not the case at night. Many routes are invisible since visibility is low as it’s dangerous.

There are any two ways trekking to Mpunt Merapi : Soft Trekking Merapi via Kaliurang or Hard trekking Merapi summit attack via Selo village.

Climbing Merapi

Do avoid the rainy season which spans Late October to Early April. The slopes become slippery and the high altitude, night climate and rain makes the hike unbearably cold, especially if you are waiting for the rain to pass at one of a handful of sheds on the route up. Waterproof winter wear is necessary if you intend to brave the rains in these months and especially at night. The rainy season also means cloudy days and reduces the prospects of viewing any sunrise. Do pack a set of dry clothes to change into, since you are bound to get wet, and good hiking shoes with sufficient friction to mitigate the wet roads. The trip to base camp by car can also get hazardous as fog builds up after a downpour and visibility degrades to less than 1m.

Trekking on and around Merapi is a popular activity (at least when the volcano isn’t spewing out hot gas and ash). From Selo, the nearest village on the north slope, it is 3 hr hike to the summit for the fit and healthy. For others it will take 4+ hr to climb, and nearly the same time to get back down again.

Carry a small pack with some food, a good flash light, with spare batteries (available for purchase in Selo village), and at least 2 litres of water per person.

The track to the top is a reasonable grade and is mostly the mountain’s natural water drains, a guide is recommended, can get muddy and slippery when it rains. Once through the tree line the track is less defined and the final climb to the summit (after the memorial plaque) is a very steep scramble over loose and broken rock. While not in itself dangerous, do take your time on the last section. There is a 200m section of ash which is the hardest once surpassed the rocky section to the summit is reasonably steep but is like any other for regular hikers.

Most climbers start at about 1AM to be sure of reaching the summit by sunrise at 5.30AM. Night climbing is wise in any case, as the upper reaches of the mountain are completely treeless and the sun can fry you to a crisp. The sunrise views across East Java are quite stunning.

The way back can be more tricky that the rise, since the ash and the inclination of the route, make it almost impossible to stand up, so pay particular attention.


Hiking to Mount Merapi Summit

Time Frame :
21.00 Pick up at your hotel in Yogyakarta then drive to Selo village
23.30 Arrive at Selo Village
00.00 Coffee or tea break, simple briefing, meet up with the guide
01.00 Start trekking
02.00 1st break at the National park entrance gate
02.45 2nd break at 1st Post ( Watu Belah)
03.45 3rd break at the 2nd Post
04.20 Pasar Bubrah - summit attack
05.30 Mt. Merapi summit 2.968sml , get sunrise
07.00 Go back to starting point
10.30 Simple breakfast
11.30 Back to Yogyakarta or next destination

Starting 22 May 2018  - UFN : Hiking to Mount Merapi summit  closed . Please choose another one Soft Trekking Merapi via Kaliurang


Price per person in Indonesian Rupiahs  :

PAX 1 2 3-5 6-UP
DOMESTIC/KITAS HOLDER (INDONESIAN SPEAKING GUIDE ) 1.500.000 1.050.000 850.000 750.000
FOREIGNER ( ENGLISH SPEAKING GUIDE ) 1.800.000 1.250.000 950.000 850.000

10 Hours Returns 

Starts : 01.00 a.m from Selo Village 
What’s Included :

  1. 1X Coffee or tea break
  2. 1 X Simple breakfast
  3. 2 bottle mineral water @1.500ml
  4. local guide for trekking
  5. Return transfers from Jogja City/Hotel to Selo Village by Private Car.

What’s Excluded :

  1. Travel Insurance
  2. Personal Expenses
  3. Personal equipment
  4. Extra meals and drinks
  5. Private porter which carry your personal equipment (Jacket, Camera, Tripod etc) Additional Porter @ Rp. 600.000,-/porter
  6. Services not mentioned above

Booking 24 Hours in advance 

Hiking Slope Merapi via Kaliurang Southern of Mt. Merapi click here or Hard Hiking Mt. Merbabu click here

Preparation :

****** Good Jacket, long sleeved  T-shirt or polo shirt , good shoes, raincoat, some bread, fruits and flash light***** 

Today’s sunrise at Mount Merapi klick here



Hiking to Merapi summit via Selo Village Northern Mt. Merapi click here 

Hiking to Mt. Merbabu summit click here

Trekking to Sumbing volcano summit via Mangli Kaliangkrik Magelang click here

Trekking to Sindoro volcano summit via Alang-aalang sewu Wonosobo click here

Soft Trekking Andong Mountain via Basecamp Sawit Magelang click here


135 + 9 = ?

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