Panguk Hill that is located in Kediwung Village, Mangunan, Bantul regency, DI Yogyakarta is suitable to be referred as photo spot destination, because the activities that must be done by tourists in Panguk Hill is posing and perpetuate the scenery that is so beautiful. Panguk Hill is new tourist destination in May 2016. People of Kediwung Village Community work together to fix Panguk Hill in order to become an interesting tourism. For example, by making a stone staircase, establishing a shop, managing a parking place, and decorating the photo booth.

In total, there are nine photo booths with different shapes and themes that are built by the Kediwung Village Community. There are five pavilions for free, and four other pavilions for paid. Do not worry about paid anymore because the price is still quite reasonable. To pose on the pavilion, visitors are charged 3,000 Rupiah. Pose time is limited to three minutes, considering many visitors are lining up to take pictures.

The photo pavilions at Panguk Hill also consist of many shapes, such as heart shape, pegasus horse, boat, sunflower, and many others. The view of a cloud-like mist becomes superiority to take pictures at Panguk Hill. Therefore, the manager of Pangguk Hill recommends the best time to visit this tourism is at sunrise. Panguk Hill itself has been crowded by visitors since 04.30 a.m.

The location of Panguk Hill is not far from the Botanical Garden of Mangunan, a 10-minute drive away. NOW the condition of the road to Panguk Hill is VERY good, it all pays off when you arrive at Panguk Hill.