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Pacitan Regency

07 Mei 2018 12:51:20 / Hits : 54 / Posted by Administrator
Pacitan Regency

Pacitan Regency
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Pacitan (Indonesian: Kabupaten Pacitan) is a regency located in the southwestern East Java Province, with Central Java Province on its west border. Located between 7.55° - 8.17°S and 110.55° - 111.25°E. The borders of Pacitan Regency are: Wonogiri Regency (Central Java) in the west, Ponorogo Regency and Wonogiri Regency in the north, Trenggalek Regency in the east, and Indian Ocean in the south. The capital of Pacitan Regency is Pacitan city. The majority of citizens in Pacitan speak Javanese as their first language, while speaking Indonesian as a second language.

Pacitan Regency has 17 beaches, in the west of Pacitan City:

  1. Banyu Tibo
  2. Buyutan
  3. Karang Bolong
  4. Srau
  5. Klayar
  6. Watu Karung

near Pacitan City:

  1. Pantai Teleng Ria
  2. Tamperan Gung
  3. Kali Uluh
  4. Wawaran,

in the east of Pacitan City:

  1. Pidakan
  2. Soge
  3. Tawang
  4. Taman
  5. Kunir.


All beaches are near 70 kilometers of South Coast Road from Wonogiri Regency to Trenggalek Regency. Soge Beach can be accessed in 30 minutes drive or by bus public transport from Pacitan City, but all beaches are relatively far from big cities as Surabaya (7 hours) and Surakarta (4 hours).


Some of the beaches are recognized as great beaches for surfing. Although still relatively unknown among the international surfing world, a consistent stream of surfers from around the world enjoy its beaches. Among many beautiful beaches in Pacitan Regency, these four beaches are ideal for surfing:

Teleng Ria Beach, ideal for beginners, suitable months are November to February
Pancer Beach, ideal for beginners, suitable months are May to October
Srau Beach, rocky beach, suitable months are November to February
Watu Karung Beach, rocky beach, suitable months are April to October
Klesem Beach, a shallow right hander breaking over reef, suitable months are April to October

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